With the recent passage of Amendment 2 in Florida, patient access to medical marijuana (MMJ) will be greatly expanded in 2017. In the first half of the year, lawmakers and regulators will be working to determine what medical conditions will qualify for MMJ therapy, and creating the logistical aspects of implementing the new law.

If you believe you could benefit from MMJ, we urge you to call our offices to arrange a confidential consultation and establish a bona fide doctor-patient relationship with a qualified physician as stipulated in the new law

About Liberate

Liberate was founded by Dan Reid, one of the nation’s leading medical marijuana advocates. In addition to Florida, Liberate has opened offices in Michigan, Illinois and Colorado, as well as West Palm Beach.

We are committed to helping patients obtain legal access to medical marijuana in full compliance with state law. Our staff includes medical marijuana experts, doctors, legal and others to ensure you have a comprehensive team in place to work with you.

Liberate West Palm Beach

We are committed to helping people get on track to ensure compliance with state law and help them receive a state Medical Marijuana Card as quickly as possible. Our West Palm Beach office has been open since October 2015 with a local staff that includes medical marijuana experts, doctors and an expert legal team.

Our Leaders

John Cato

President and Managing Partner

John has assumed overall management responsibility for Liberate in Florida, including the company’s flagship office in West Palm Beach which opened in October of 2015. John previously spent over 30 years in healthcare management, including principle account management responsibilities for one of the largest HMO (Healthcare Maintenance Organization) nationally and several years with Proctor and Gamble.

Mark Turgeon

CEO, Liberate West Palm Beach

Joined the Liberate MMJ Consulting firm as an advisor in 2014 to assist with Florida operations and lead the team as president for Liberate WPB, Inc in anticipation of the passing of Amendment 3. Mr. Turgeon has over 35 years hands on management experience including at the “C Level“ across many business arenas.

Mr. Turgeon is a graduate of Cornell University

Chris McCormick

Lead Ambassador & MMJ Consultant

Chris was born and raised in Palm Beach county. He attended FSU and graduated with a Bachelors in Economics as well as a minor in business. Throughout his professional career he have worked in numerous industries which helped him develop a
breadth of of skills. He came to Liberate because of his passion for Medical Marijuana and belief that it can provide people with an improved quality of life.

Want to legally access medical marijuana?

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