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Medical Marijuana In Florida

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Dr. Marla Gendelman

Board Certified Anesthesiologist

University of Michigan Medical School

Licensed Physician in Florida

William Moore, Esq.

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We believe medical marijuana is coming to Florida and are committed to helping people get on track to ensure compliance with state law.  We've put together a process and team to make sure you are in good hands and help you prepare for the expected approval of MMJ in Florida.  This team includes our MMJ experts, a board certified physician and anesthesiologist, and a highly experienced legal defense firm.  

AT the outset, we will collect baseline medical information and records on your behalf, anticipating that these will be required for medical marijuana certification in Florida once a law is put into place.  

As a client of Liberate, you will also have a retainer relationship with a highly-regarded law firm in the event any issues arise that may warrant legal assistance prior to a new law taking effect, as well as possible immediate options for MMJ use in special situations.

We know from experience how becoming a legal medical marijuana cardholder can be a difficult and complex process.  We will work with you to help make it easier and allow you to focus on your quality-of-life and overall health.