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Am I eligible for legal Medical Marijuana therapy?
Qualifying Conditions

Recent Florida state law ("Amendment 2") states that residents may be eligible for a Florida Medical Marijuana Card if they suffer from one of the following nine debilitating conditions:

Cancer | Crohn's Disease | ALS | Epilepsy | Glaucoma | HIV/AIDS | Multiple Sclerosis | Parkinson's | PTSD | Any Terminal Condition

Other Conditions

Amendment 2 also provides persons suffering from “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class" to potentially be eligible. These include a range of other conditions such as:

Anxiety | Back Pain | Diabetes | Migraines | Muscle Spasms | Chronic Pain | Severe Nausea | Lyme Disease | and more ...

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Why Choose Liberate?

Caring and Competent Doctors

Our team includes MMJ experts, board-certified physicians and patient advocates who treat every patient as an individual – with respect and compassion, focused on your unique situation and needs.

Our Commitment To You

We listen to our patients, educate them on the benefits and risks of medical marijuana and recommend an individualized plan so that you can benefit from cannabis therapy.

Patients Get their Cards FAST

We take the guesswork and risk out of becoming legal. You’ll be aware of all your options and the best way to move forward. Some patients receive their cards in about two weeks!

Bottom Line: We Deliver Results

We focus on providing the highest standard of care, answering all your questions and keeping you up-to-date as new medical marijuana laws evolve.

Get your medical marijuana card now

Do you suffer from a debilitating condition or chronic pain?

Click below to schedule your initial consultation with one of our caring and certified physicians. You’ll be treated with respect, confidentiality and most of all the quality of care needed to help treat your qualified condition.

We make the process easy

We help you navigate the Florida state system, which can be daunting. By providing your existing medical records and qualified condition, we can often certify you in less than 10 days!

1 - Register & Make Appointment

Click below to book your initial consultation. Please provide us with your medical records if you have them.

2 - See our Liberate Physician

Your consultation will include education and an exam to confirm your qualifying condition.

3 - Get your card!

We help you with your application and guide you 100% to receive your card quickly!

Caring Doctors
happy patients
Liberate Locations
Fewer Opioid Prescriptions

What Our Patients Say

When you join the Liberate family, you receive top quality care and follow-though with your needs, far beyond your certification date.

"Dr. Anton is amazing and has changed the way I am living my life.  I am taking far less medication than I used to, and she helped me change my overall lifestyle.  In just over a year, I feel like a new person."
"I am so appreciative that Liberate is serving our community.  I truly have been 'Liberated' from pain that was keeping me from living a full life.  Dr. Anton is very compassionate and is making a major difference in my life. He's shown me how 'less is more' with diet, exercise and other things within my control."
"I've been greatly impressed by Liberate's knowledge.  Dr. Anton is a great doctor and has really helped guide me and has reduced the amount of medication I was taking."
"I was really nervous about getting a medical marijuana card, but Dan answered all my questions about the program, and Dr. Anton was very helpful in talking to me about how different strains actually work in the body.  I am so thankful for Liberate."